Family is Forever

Family is Forever

The Black family is legendary. A family that stands stronger together through love and prayer, but also knows how to sit back and “kick it”. A family is the basis for any person. They teach you the basics of life. From the time you start walking you become a piece of a never-ending puzzle because family is forever. I just came from a family BBQ with music, good food, and just love. I mean it was amazing how the energy from being around family can really just uplift your spirits.

But there’s something special about being apart of a black family. and you never really understand how much of a blessing it is until you are truly a part of one. I mean lets just break it down as if this were a banana split. For a banana split you have to have two bananas, and metaphorically this is the mother and the father. These are the foundations for the family and without them, life can be difficult.

The mother is strong, caring, and sophisticated woman. A black mother always knows what she wants and she expects you to obey. Don’t think about talking back and telling her what you thinking cause that’s not your role. You job is to “stay in a child’s place”. I can’t tell you how many times I got that mama look where I knew I had gone too far lol. C’mon now we all know the look.


But through all the stern looks and hearing “go get the belt”, she will love you unconditionally with all her heart. As any mother would, but the love and encouragement you get from this woman is something that will never diminish. She will be there for you through thick and thin, truly a ride or die chick.

Now the black father has some stigmas placed on his name. Typically you hear he is a “dead beat” who basically just isn’t in the picture. Or he’s just the baby daddy, a man that comes around whenever he can. I can’t lie that I know a significant amount of people who have fathers that they either don’t have a relationship with or are not in the same home as them. And I feel bad because having a black father is the greatest treasure someone could have.

He teaches you the wisdoms and lessons that he learned from his past. Teaching you to not be weak and stand up for yourself. He is a strong man that will hold for his family and take the upmost pride in providing for the family. He will teach his son how to properly treat a woman and his daughter how she should be treated. I have a friend who’s father would take her and her sister out on individual daddy daughter dates just so they would know how they should be treated by a man.

Nothing in this world could replace the two lovely people in my life I call my parents. My entire family is my world and they helped make me into the person I am today. I love who I have become and the experiences that my family have allowed to be have are irreplaceable. Never take your family for granted and cherish the moments you have with them. Because life is too short to feel bitter about the past. It’s what you do in the now that counts the most. Carpe Diem my loves until next time.


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